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Interactive maps are being used everywhere. One of the major application is to map a location and pinpoint stores, i.e. store locator maps.

What is an interactive locator map? You should have seen on many websites with a map image of an US suburb or a state map. On the map there are set of icons to pinpoint stores, warehouses and sales offices. Move the cursor over an icon and a snippet of descriptive but factual text appears beside the cursor in a speech bubble. This is a store locator map.

In the past, webmasters use HTML and Java Scripts to create a locator maps or store finder map with pinpoints. Which is difficult for most users and the function is limited.

With the increasing popularity of Flash and easy to use map creation software, you can easily create an interactive, clickable locator maps for different purposes, and easily pinpoint locations with clickable points and icons, with interactive features such as mouseover tooltips, hint boxes and many other features.

Here is a scenario example:

We are a video outlet and have 20 shopfronts in a city, the ability to show the shop nearest a potential customer on our website would be a big plus and help our customers to find our shop online easier.

And as few the stores specialize in certain genre of titles, this would be worthwhile showing on our Store locator map using special icons.

There are 2 stores in the CBD. One is for general movies but the other specializes in the old silent movies and has a large list of stock. It is good to make this known to the buying public.

The specialty shops would have a star beside them or be in a different color on the Store locator map. Move the cursor over the icon and a popup text box shows the address of the store and the number of titles in each genre as well as a short description of the shop with parking instructions.

To do this, we simply need a map of the city (either by using a template, or export a static JPG image from Google Map), a database of titles, and then create the interactive flash locator map using an interactive map software. We can add icons to pinpoint our stores with different specialties, with mouseover tooltips to display its full address and even a storefront image.

When people visit our website online, they can easily use the store locator map to see the distribution of our shops, and then select the nearest shop and see the full contact details with simple mouse rollover. When they click on a shop icon, we will redirect a search query with a set of parameters, and then display the corresponding search results.

This level of visual navigation is comparatively easy for visitors than a traditional search-form based website. And combine the best of online database, interactive flash locator map and the Internet. The trick to getting it right is to determine closely just what your clients want and deliver it in the simplest possible way.

Visit our website today to download a free trial version of interactive map software that does not require coding and programming to create an interactive real estate map. You can also find web design software just cbd gummies including a flash gallery, music player, video player and flash website creator.

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