Company Name Ideas – Where to Get Them From?

Every time you start a new project you face the same problem. Every single time the same question is raised. What should it be called? What name should the new company or product have? It is a widely known fact that the name can make or break the future enterprise. Depending on the name the project can be really successful of merely recognizable. It is up to the name whether the company will make a good impression and will last for a ling time. But the really big question is where to get company name ideas from. If you desperately need inspiration you have come to the right place.

So, where exactly should you look for company name ideas? You can try some of the well-known strategies and tools to see which one works best for you. names of companies  Every person is different and every project or business is special. To answer these special needs you have to balance the measures you have at your disposal.

Basic tools/techniques for finding a nice company name idea:

Starting with a keyword. Find a word that describes the business you are running best or suggests the field the company operates in. It will be your starting point. From here you can do all kinds of manipulations and mixing it with other elements to form an acceptable company name idea.

Starting with you. Maybe there is a word that describes you. If you are a founder of the company it is understandable that you can be a part of it in many senses – including the name. It does not have to be your own last name. It can also be your nickname, your favorite color or place. Everything is good for a start.

Thesaurus. If you already have a list of keywords grab a thesaurus or use an online synonym checker to continue researching them. The plan is to find exciting and appealing words you may not use too often. By adding to the list with phrases or words of related meanings, your word list will grow very quickly. Add them to your list of potential business name ideas.

Company name generator. If you are after something really fresh and exciting try randomly created words and use them as company name ideas. You can use a company name generator to get tons of interesting suggestions. It will dramatically increase the brainstorming process and your list of potential names will grow and grow.

When you are done with brainstorming collect all the proposals and evaluate them. You should also think about a good business card and stationary that will fit your brand. You may find inspiration here and here.

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